Who doesn’t have some kind of fear of snakes? Very few people, that’s who. But there are some companies that are creating the kind of snakes that no one should fear. The robot kind. And they come in all sizes. But why do we need that kind? you ask. Let me list the ways.

1. Underwater snakes can do all manner of repairs that are needed on any equipment, or platforms, that we use underwater. For instance the huge oil rigs. These snakes can get in places previous bots can’t and so are able to repair whatever is showing signs of wear on the rigs. This way they can prevent huge problems from forming by fixing the small ones.

2. SINTEF co. has developed a firefighting robot snake that can crawl through any structure or wooded area that is on fire and spray water on the flames. No need to send in people who run the risk of getting injured. How cool is that?
They also created a nearly 40 feet long robot snake that is used to crawl through destroyed buildings, looking for people trapped inside by earthquakes.
They’re also thinking of using snakebots for gardening purposes at people’s homes. They can water and weed the gardens. I can’t wait.

3. Carnegie Mellon University has come up with a snake so small it can be used to go inside the human body to detect anything that’s going wrong. And possibly fixing it.
4. Snake robots have been used in the military, also. No idea how, it’s top secret for now, but hey. . .

5. Snake bots can be used for any kind of research that is conducted out in the field. Literally. Such as going overland, swimming through any sized body of water, and climbing trees, carrying any sized camera. And probably staying there, taking all the pictures any scientist, or researcher, could want.

6. Snakebots can be used to subdue any wild animal that has gotten itself into trouble. Or in places where it shouldn’t be. Animals that attack snakes will get close enough for the snakebot to immobilize it with a bit of electric shock, or maybe some kind of tranquilizer. Then the handler can come in and take the animal away. Or animals that are so big snakes don’t bother them, the snakebots can slither in and use the tranquilizers. Look out, bears.

7. Snakebots are currently being researched by NASA Ames Research Center for interplanetary probes. How they intend to use them for that is yet to be seen, but I can imagine a snakebot slithering along an alien planet surface, taking pictures and maybe doing some examination of the plant life. Who knows?

However size the snakebots are, they all share 2 main qualities. They’re slender enough for any tight space and they can change their shapes enough, like real snakes, to enable themselves to perform many different tasks like climbing stairs or trees. But they are also made by chaining together independent links that make them super resistant to failure. If one part gets damaged, the rest of the links can still carry on the task. They can also be completely covered in whatever material that is needed to make them extremely useful for whatever research that is needed. The material will protect their innards.

So I say, however way you feel about snakes, snakebots can easily be the most blessed of the robot animal kingdom we have ever invented. Go snakes!


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