Google’s in on the action. 

Google means to make artificial intelligence assisting so useful people will feel like perishing if they don’t get it. They want to express the social benefits of AI and how it’s being used to improve health care. One of their focuses is on powerful new paradigms for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. The AI deep learning technique is already being used to identify animal breeds and cars, but Google is now wondering about using it to do the same for diseases, using medical images. This area of science is still new, but Google is working with doctors and clinicians to explore this area. And they are finding that it is indeed possible. How exciting is that?

Another area of science Google is exploring is the preservation of our environment. As you probably have figured, Google has an enormous data infrastructure. That means it has football field sized data centers. Several of them. And they all require cooling systems so they don’t break down. This requires vast amounts of energy. They use around 2% of the world’s electricity, and if it isn’t watched closely, it could outstrip the Internet’s usage. So Google needed to find a way to control all this.

Google has worked on this for years, using advanced cooling techniques like highly efficient evaporative systems and outside air instead of mechanical chillers. By the Spring of 2014, they reduced their energy usage 50%. But could they do better? An efficiency engineer named Jim Gao, after seeing an online class on machine learning, decided to find out. In comes the machine learning.

Machine learning technology gives computers the ability to learn things without being explicitly programmed. They teach themselves through repetition how to interpret large amounts of data. Google already uses it for features like translation and image recognition. So they decided to try it out with their cooling system, and nearly everything else they do. They’re still working it all out, but they intend to have it all going by the end of this year.

Next in line for Google’s use of AI is in new discoveries in science, such as natural science, chemistry and material science, but that’s in the farther near future. Right now, they’re looking into new tools to help parents manage their children’s use of the Internet and videos. They’re creating apps for use in Google Play and YouTube. They’re also working on a stand-alone virtual reality headset that doesn’t require inserting a smartphone. And they updated the actions their assistant can perform on smartwatches that is powered by its Wear OS software.

Google’s all over the place with this. And it’s probably a good idea because they’re one of the biggest, if not the biggest, search engine on the net. We’ll all get better service with all this work they’re doing. Go Google.

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