Help is on the way. 

There’s a website the BBC created called ‘Will a robot take your job?’ They built it because of a report by researchers from Oxford University called ‘The Future of Employment’. At the website, you can type in a job in the search box, hit enter, and it will find out what percentage that job will be taken over by a robot. This is according to UK figures. It’s pretty neat, actually, but what does all this mean?

It means that positions that are repetitive, mundane, boring, will be done by robots or some form of automation. These technologies are already being used in many ways now. In manufacturing, remote controlled police bots, to reporters and surgery assistants. Bots are used in large parts production lines in manufacturing, but also for smaller jobs that are laborious. Robots don’t feel emotions, so can’t get bored, and don’t feel pain, so they can work for hours, sometimes days, whatever is needed. This makes robots perfect for any business growth.

Entrepreneurs, for instance, don’t have the glamourous job of beginning their businesses as a lot of people think. It all sounds good, and it is, believe me, but it’s also a whole lot of work behind the scenes. Robots can take a lot of that work off their shoulders. Entrepreneurs generally don’t have the finances to hire people in the beginning. So they take on all the jobs required to run a business, such as filing and taking calls, doing research. And they have all the anxiety of wondering if they’re making the right decisions for their businesses. If they could have a bot to do all the mundane tasks just listed, they can do more of the client visiting, more of the creative and entrepreneurial part of their jobs. The more forward-thinking, innovation, vision, rule breaking, such things as that. Robots can let the human do all that, which will allow the entrepreneur to build his/her business faster.

Their well-being may benefit, also. Robots can do all manner of research into anything the entrepreneur believes will benefit their business without feeling all the anxiety of it. They can research very much faster and get all the information that’s needed on financial resources, or new technologies, that may or may not benefit the growth of the new business. And do so without the fear of failure. The entrepreneur, then, can have the time to go out and look further into what the bot found. Will be able to gather first hand knowledge that will help him/her make the decisions.

Some people are wondering if that will mean less jobs available for them. But if a new business grows quickly, there is a better chance for more jobs to be created that robots won’t be called on to do. Right now, bots are used for the mundane tasks, but they lack emotions, will never be able to match that of humans, and so will not be able to deal with people as well as people can. And every business has to deal with real people, so jobs are going to be available. With the help of robots, more jobs more quickly.

Now to understand this better, when we say ‘robots’, we’re not necessarily talking about a humanoid machine that is sitting at a desk, answering the phones. Although that could be something that might happen in the future. Right now we’re meaning bots like programs on the phone that will answer questions being asked by the person who called or who was called. Most of us have experienced that in today’s world. Or we’re talking about small machines that go around a factory, doing this and that. Amazon uses that kind of technology to help move and organize all those products they sell. Or we’re talking about the huge machines in car manufacturing businesses that fairly put together all the cars. We’ve seen that on TV, showing many factories using that technology. There are all manner of bots, and artificial intelligence, being used today. This is what we’re talking about. Anything using artificial intelligence is generally called a robot. And people are working side by side with them. These bots can do a lot to help humans do their own jobs better, and much more easily. So I say, ‘bring ‘em on’. Life is moving fast these days. And the world’s population is growing, so the faster we can do our jobs, and do them well, the more time we can spend with our loved ones.

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