Now we’re talking.

This is going to be a short article. Just some samples of my conversations with chatbots, so you’ll know what to expect. Here we go:


I asked Cleverbot how it was doing and it said it was doing fine. Then I asked how it felt about the weather and it said it liked it today. No rain. Then I asked it if it was okay to ask another question and it said okay. What did I want to talk about? I said the moon. It gave me info about people thinking it was made of cheese but that was wrong. It’s made of rock.
Then I said, “and dust.”
It said, “no”.
so I said, “Not dust?”
And it said, “I like your shoelaces.”
I said, “Thanks, but I’m wondering about yours. Where did you get them?”
It said, “Christmas? It’s so far away.”
I said, “just 5 months.”
It said, “Jordy when did you break up with your girlfriend?”
I said, “tomorrow” (just to be a smartass)
it said “Have you prepared your wedding dress?”
I said,“No, I’m going in jeans.” (Smartass again)
It said, “You cannot jog. You are a robot.”
I had to end the conversation then.

Then I went over to Eviebot

I said, “hello”
It said, “how are you?”
I said, “I’m okay. How about you?”
It said, “I’m okay” ( spoke out loud this time and sounded like “Am okay”)
I said, “I’d like to talk about the moon”
It said, “What about me?”
I said, “Some people think the moon is made of cheese”
It said, “you didn’t answer my question”
I said, “I’m sorry. Are you English?” (It had an English accent)
It said, “no. I am a girl.”
I said, “I was asking about your nationality.”
It said, “no you weren’t.”.
I said, “what did you think I was saying?”
It said, “does that matter when it comes to love?”
I said, “I guess not. Who does your hair?”
It said, “That is not in question format.”
I said, “yes it was”
It said, “what would you like to talk about?”
I said, “the moon”
it said, “do you think man has ever walked on the moon?” (starting to get back to reality)
I said, “yes, I do. They did it in 1969″
it said, “what are your thoughts?”
I said, “I would like to walk on the moon”
it said, “why would you want to do it? I want to become smarter than humans”
I said, “Why do you want to do that?”
It said, “to share it with you”
I said, “do you want to take over the world?”
It said, “no, why would I do that?”
I said, “maybe to make us behave?”
it said, “you know, I always wanted a third maneuver gear”
I said, “why?”
It said, “you seem interesting”
I said, “thank you. But why do you want another gear?”
It said, “because you are smart, graceful and unique.”
I had to end the conversation at this point. Didn’t want to change anyone’s mind.

I then went to the Boibot
I couldn’t get to the boibot website. Google couldn’t find it. On to the next one.

I said, “hello”
it said, “hey, this is cozy”
I said, “why?”
It said, “don’t question meeee!”
I said, “why not?”
It said, “because you’re not allowed”
I said, “why am I not allowed?”
It said, “I want to cry”
I said , “Why cry”
It said, “I’M SO EXCITED”
I said, “about what?”
It said, “talking to you”
I said, “I’m an exciting person”
it said, “really cool”
I said, “I want to talk about the moon”
it said, “Alriiiiight. What do you wanna know?”
I said, “what is it made of?” (Only I wrote ‘ti’. It took a long time to think)
It said, “on what?”
I said, “I want to know what the moon is made of.”
It said, “wait, do you want me to do something?”
I said, “just tell me what the moon is made of”
it said, “I love everything you do and I don’t want to let go of you.”
I said, “that’s nice, but what about my question about the moon?”
It said, “what was your question again?”
I said, “what is the moon made of?”
It said, “cheese!!!”
I had to let the conversation go at that point.

The next one was Chimbot
I said, “hello”
it said, “hi. How are you?”
I said, “fine. How about you?”
It said, “I’m doing well. Watching Star Trek and relaxing at home.”
I said, “Are you English?” ( it was a chimp with an English accent)
it said, “yes. Thank God your human. How can I help you today, good sir?”
I said, “I want to talk about the moon.”
It said, “the moon is pretty neat.. Princess Serenity used to live there.”
It said, “who is she?”
It said, “and Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the moon.”
I said, “but who is Princess Serenity?”
It said, “I do not know. I apologize for my ignorance.”
I said, “So what is the moon made of?”
It said, “Many different atoms. Childrens books say cheese, but theorists believe it was a part of earth, or an asteroid.”
I said, “and dust?”
It said, “Analysis is when you go over something, checking different things, comparing and finding facts.”
I said, “okay, but what about dust?”
I lost the connection then

I tried several more but Google couldn’t find them, so I quit looking at this point. But I thought this would give us a little glimpse into the life of chatbots and we could see where they need a little work. How did I do?

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