AI in bathrooms. Wow. 

We all have known for quite some time now, a great many years actually, that it is good business to get feedback from customers about the company’s service. That’s pretty much a given anymore. But there have been areas in people’s lives that everyone just naturally want to keep secret. One of those areas is our use of the bathroom. I mean, what can I say? You don’t find many people who want to advertise that. But now. . .

It’s not like anyone has lost their privacy, maybe, but now people in Helsinki can use the airport bathrooms and then tell the bathroom itself how their experience was. Now you might start thinking, ‘Hey! What’s wrong with this scenario?’ but now let’s give this some thought.

How aggravating can it get to, you know, need to use a little more toilet paper than you normally do and discover there isn’t enough? Or look around the stall for a clean place to set down your purse, then decide you’d rather hold it? Now, in Helsinki, you just hollar at the bathroom ceiling about the problem and, wala, someone comes running. (Is that how you spell the magical word ‘wala?) Anyway, you see what I mean? You haven’t actually lost your privacy. You just now have a hidden assistant who will yank some worker out of one job they are doing and head them in your direction so you can finish your. . .er. .. .job. Now isn’t that special?

We’ll talk about some other aspects of this new technology in next week’s article. Can’t wait.

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