AI is going everywhere, it seems. 

In Brazil, companies can see people’s reactions to their advertising on the metro by watching their faces. Yoga apparel can actually give feedback about your form and posture. (I’ll have to look into how it does that) I could make a list of all this. Maybe I should some day. But we all know that feedback is integral to the success of business. Okay. We get that. But bathrooms now?

As I said in last week’s article, Helsinki is pioneering AI in their airport bathrooms to see how it will go with their customers. So far most people are liking it. They can ‘hollar’ out for whatever it is they need and someone will be summoned to get it for them. Right away. Real time. That’s what AI is for, really. To make our lives better. But bathroom AI goes a little bit more into detail.

Helsinki airport bathrooms go into positive or negative feedback by providing a place in there for their customers to rate their experience. And it looks like people are taking advantage of that. And it is giving the AI experts, and the airport, the information they need to improve their services. They can track the number of users going in there, too. The airport can track the usage data of their bathrooms, by tracking how many people go in and out, and when they receive several complaints about anything going on in there, they can adjust their cleaning routines to take care of it. That’s pretty cool.

The goal here is to move forward into the future with technology geared toward making our lives easier. You know. Like life is for all the Star Trek characters. This is just one step toward that. And bathrooms were selected because they have. . . well. . . more challenges. Like cleanliness and the needed supplies for the customers to take care of themselves. So far, this is all the AI is being used for. But I’m wondering how it will handle an issue of someone following another person in there with terrible intentions on his/her mind. Hmm. That would be an interesting thing to find out now, wouldn’t it?

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