Will robots take over? 

It may be time to review what we have learned so far about artificial intelligence. A lot of people are mumbling over the notion that really intelligent robots might be programmed to do some harm. Even though we can’t fully predict the future, most scientists who are working on this don’t seem to have much worry over that. Here are some of their views:

The sex dolls, for instance. Abyss Creations in California claims that we all want to be told we’re doing well and they can program their AI to do that. Realbotix has been accused of objectifying and perpetuating negative portrayals of women. These people see a dark side to a sex doll that becomes more ‘human’ with each technological advancement. Some worry the dolls’ AI app could be hacked to make them kill their owners. Some even say owners could rehearse plans for violent sexual acts with the interactive dolls. But the company says that those who buy these robots are not nasty perverts who can’t get enough sex, or anyone who wants to take over the world. It’s really about companionship. Having a comforting conversation companion. These robots are not designed to replace anyone or promote the objectification of women. Robots don’t have rights. Some of these dolls have even been specially adapted to be used in medical schools for training and the Realbotix factory regularly works with mastectomy patients to create custom-made prosthetic silicone breasts.

Now let’s look at the food industry. 3D food printers. Are people worrying the printers will some day add poisons to their food? There certainly is a possibility, very far into the future, but for now, all the printers can do is make foods from the ingredients that are put into the cylinders by the owners. So if anyone gets poisoned by the printed foods, authorities will know where to look for the culprits.

3D food printers are capable of the more boring, consistent prep work on a mass scale, freeing up the chef to do the less menial tasks, like design and cooking. Companies are working on making the printers do the cooking, also. But some people worry that robots might take over jobs, but 3D food printers are made to be kitchen appliances, like ovens and refrigerators.

Now for the hackers. I am so happy to know someone is capable of working on a way to get rid of them. That very ancient adage of ‘what goes around, comes around’ is very true, whether you want to believe it or not. Trend Micro and Politecnico di Milano are working on this with the help of ABB manufacturing firm. They found several ways hackers could get in and cause trouble and they are patching them up. Now Trend Micro and Politecnico are heading for all the other companies. They’ll get them taken care of, and then look out. They’ll figure out a way to track and hack the hackers. Hehe.

There are robots now that can 3D print big things, like scaffolding for constructing buildings, and they even 3D printed a bridge in Amsterdam. There is no end to how helpful robots can be, but program them to be harmful? Maybe that can happen sometime in the future, but not now. Unless there is a devious person building them somewhere. But they will be quickly found out because these robots are strictly tested so far. All this is new and so everyone involved are looking extremely closely at all their work to make sure nothing bad happens. This is essential if they want to succeed in business. So we don’t need to be frightened just yet. But it would be a great thing to keep this in mind for the time when people become so used to having robots around that we become slack in our attention, like we usually do when we have something else we are interested in. We’ll avoid rude awakenings if we keep our eyes open.

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