Are we the people too slow to accept new technology? 

This is a real short article, but it’s something we need to think about, actually.

Way back the 1980’s, the new technology then was microwave ovens. Among others, that is. But what I’m getting at here is how long it took for the public to accept them. Records show it took 30 years to get 90% of the public to acknowledge the fact that microwave ovens made their lives easier. People wondered if the ovens emitted harmful radiation, is why they took so long, but that was taken care of. And then there were those who thought cooking with microwaves was a slap in the face of convention. Tradition. And how could something that quick be good enough for their famous recipes? Some recipes do require longer cooking times, and that was all right, but others lent themselves well to the faster method. But now we are looking at 3D food printers, among other technology.

3D food printing companies predict these printers will take about 10-15 years to get into the home kitchen. They think the route will be in mass food production facilities and in novel settings first, then in restaurants and grocery stores before we’ll see them in people’s homes. The same goes with any technology, like the little garden robots that keep the weeds out. And that howling wolf that sits out in the fields. I can’t wait to see that thing in action. And then there are the rescue snakes and the wall decorating and the airport bathrooms. All that which we have talked about here. To get all that going always takes advancing the technology and making delivery easy and simple. And of course reducing costs and educating the public about them. That always takes a while. But it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. We’re looking out for ourselves. But admit it. Wouldn’t it be something to have a robot answering your door and taking guests’ coats and hats? And then serving the refreshments? OMGoodness! Can you just imagine?

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