Can Police Use Drones?

Your child is missing

(As per the Polly Klaas Foundation)
Nearly 90% of missing children have simply misunderstood directions or miscommunicated their plans, are lost, or have run away.
9% are kidnapped by a family member in a custody dispute.
3% are abducted by non-family members, usually during the commission of a crime such as robbery or sexual assault. The kidnapper is often someone the child knows.
Only about 100 children (a fraction of 1%) are kidnapped each year in the stereotypical stranger abductions you hear about in the news.
About half of these 100 children come home.

(Information from APM Reports)
Steven Stayner
December 1972 | Merced, Calif. | 7 years old
Steven was abducted on his way home from school by a man named Ervin Murphy, who claimed to be a minister, and was taken to the convicted child molester, Kenneth Parnell. Parnell gave Steven the new name of Dennis Parnell and sexually abused him for seven years. Then Kenneth Parnell kidnapped a younger boy named Timothy White. Steven saved Timothy and the two escaped, told the police and their families what happened. Parnell and Murphy were captured, convicted and served time in prison. Steven died in a motorcycle accident in 1989, the same year the movie based on his life was released, “I Know My First Name is Steven.”

For several years now, our law enforcement has used drones to help in their crimes investigations. But they have had to deal with some people who are afraid the police might invade their privacy with them. The two links we have above here show how the police use the drones, which is not to abuse anyone’s privacy. But let’s take a look at something for a moment.

Suppose your child is kidnaped. What will you do? The first thing you’ll even think of is getting your child back. To do that, you’ll probably call the police. It’s what most of us naturally think of because that is what we are taught. The police are here to take care of criminals, so we call the police. Now wouldn’t you want the police to use everything at their disposal to find your child? What if the police found out your child is being held in some house or building? And the police have a drone that will help them spot exactly where in the house or building your child is? Wouldn’t you want them to use the drone for that? It will mean poking the drone’s nose into each window to find out that information.

If the drone finds other people, say in an apartment building, by accident, I’m thinking those people should not get angry over that. Not if the situation is explained to them. I mean, sorry if the drone caught them doing what’s naturally and in their own rights as consenting adults and in their own domicile, but don’t get mad at the police. I know it would be embarrassing, but get mad at the criminals, not the police. It’s the criminals who are responsible for the situation. The police are only trying to correct it. Don’t all of you agree with that? Wouldn’t you, if it was your child?

So far, our government has set it up so that the law enforcement agencies have to get Federal approval to have drones, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of each state has to approve of their use in their own state. This is a good thing so far because each state has their own ideas of how to use drones in accordance to how their own citizens react to them. So far, that is. But criminals don’t abide by laws and so there could be times when each state’s laws of use won’t be enough. We have to consider that. Getting back to the child kidnaping situation could be a good example of that.

Pedophiles, and other criminals, hide their actions in the best places they can think of. What if it’s a place where the police have restrictions of use for their drones, but the drones would be the best way to find them? I’m thinking the best thing all of us can do is start realizing it’s the criminals who have caused these kinds of situations in the first place and stop trying to restrict the police from doing everything they can to stop them. Start getting mad at the criminals, for heaven’s sake. They’re the ones who started this whole situation. If it wasn’t for them, these kinds of things wouldn’t even be in existence. The police are on your side, so let them do their jobs.

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