Was there AI in there? 

The police officer who shot the man working on the car at the side of the road will not be charged. He didn’t know the situation there, had not been notified, thought the man was going for a weapon.

Now it’s curious as to why the officer wasn’t notified. The authorities are looking into it, but it could be noone’s actual fault.

One scenario could be there were far more serious incidences going on at that time. Things like robberies and shootings everyone’s attention needed to be on. And when all that was over, no one remembered to report a man who was simply working on a car. This could happen.

Our police have serious jobs. They have to deal with serious situations that criminals create. How can they determine who is a criminal and who isn’t if they don’t know all the details of anything going on? The man working on the car was killed. That was a sad situation, not only for the family, but also for the police officer. He didn’t want to do that. But who knows what pressures he had to deal with as his day wore on? Maybe he had to deal with such serious situations as I mentioned above, and thought this was another. If he had known more about what the man was doing, he would have dealt with it differently.

Now in comes AI. Artificial Intelligence. I don’t know what all our law enforcement has by way of modern utilities. Maybe they have looked into what AI can do for them. Maybe they do have some of that. But also maybe they don’t have enough. An AI mechanism would not have forgotten to notify the police officer that a man was working on a car at the side of the road. It would have notified the officer at the same time it was having to deal with all the other situations. That is the usefulness of AI. It doesn’t mean it would have taken anyone’s job away from them. Lord knows we need all the police officers we can get anymore. What AI would have done was be more efficient in the job of remembering what to report and who to notify. That’s all. The man working on the car would still be alive if there had been some form of AI to help with that. Just sayin’.


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