Something good for our kids’ future.

Dreambox was started in 2006 by two gentlemen, Lou Gray and Ben Slivka, who wanted to create a program that would be easy and fun for kids to learn math and coding. The program provides 1800 lessons for the kids, presented as animated adventures, games and challenges. It was made for pre-kindergarteners through to eighth graders. And it turned out so well, the Charter School Growth Fund bought it to use in all US schools for the afore mentioned grades.

There have been several upgrades to the program. In 2013, the company created a free iPad app for it. The next year, the company launched an Adaptive Math Curriculum for the grades 6 through 8. They also in that year, added the Spanish language for students K-8 for those learning English. Then in 2016, the company added a feature that makes it easy to create custom assignments for individual students. All in all, this program is one among many that are seeing our kids have good, productive futures. Check out the links above for more information.

If you want to see a cute video on this, go to     (You may have to copy and paste this link into your url window)


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