More info on Dreambox for students.

According to Mr. Bill Slivka, one of Dreambox’s creators, Dreambox will continuously assess a student’s interaction with the program to evaluate the strategies the student uses to solve problems. The program does this with the Intelligent Adaptive Learning technology. Since the program focuses on mathematics education for the early school years of the students, it is putting the youngsters well onto the paths of very lucrative careers. Computers are here to stay. Someone has to learn how to program them.

Dreambox was designed to be used outside the classroom, for those who want to learn more of the mathematics needed to work with computers. Their Adaptive Math Curriculum program includes basic math, geometry, basic algebra, and ratios. For those who want to learn all that. As for me, I can’t seem to make friends with math. I don’t know why.

Check out the videos on our website and be entertained.

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